Ukulele Prodigy

My pal Ali and I have begun messing around with our ukuleles. We recently had a go at this, The Prodigy’s classic dance track, ‘Out of Space’. It seems to work well. Just missing some glow-sticks.

Out of the Ordinary

Out of OrdI’ve just finished work on a new Library Album for Warner Chappell with my old pal Max de Wardener. It sounds pretty good, I think you’ll agree. Click HERE to see the Digital Booklet and hear samples of the tracks. To hear the whole album, click the red ‘Listen’ button on page 4 of the booklet or click HERE.

I Won an Award!

CULCB6hVEAAVt8AI’m pleased to say that I just won this very heavy Library Music Award for a track I wrote. You can listen to it HERE, it’s called ‘Red Hot’ (can take a while to load – be patient!).

If you haven’t heard of the Library Music Awards, they’re a bit like the Oscars, only more prestigious.

God Only Nose

Sometimes it’s important to hear what the Beach Boys’ classic ‘God Only Knows’ sounds like played by a nose flute ensemble.

Golden Age Radio

0889326294948_600I’ve written four tracks for this terrific collection of 1920s jazz-inspired tracks for Universal Music. Produced and recorded by the marvellous Anders Lewin, it’s well worth a listen, and you can do just that by clicking HERE.

NEWS JUST IN – I won a Library Music Award 2015 in the ‘Best Jazz Track’ category for ‘Red Hot’, which is on this album.