Golden Age Radio

0889326294948_600I’ve written four tracks for this terrific collection of 1920s jazz-inspired tracks for Universal Music. Produced and recorded by the marvellous Anders Lewin, it’s well worth a listen, and you can do just that by clicking HERE.

NEWS JUST IN – I won a Library Music Award 2015 in the ‘Best Jazz Track’ category for ‘Red Hot’, which is on this album.

Get Plucky Book

Get Plucky CoverI’ve just written a book called ‘Get Plucky With the Ukulele’, exploring the whys, the hows and whos of the ukulele. It’s part history, part famous players, part how-to-play and is probably the only book you’ll ever need about the ukulele, though I say so myself.

It was great fun to write and features a host of ukulele related information, including the truth behind the hushed-up ukulele habits of Jimi Hendrix, David Byrne, Joni Mitchell, David Bowie, Elvis Presley and Joe Strummer (to name just a few), it’s packed full of interviews, rare and wonderful photos and beautiful illustrations. Why wait? You can buy it online today!



Silver Linings


I’ve just finished a new album for Universal called Silver Linings. Featuring the wonderful Big Joe Louis on vocals, Tom Herbert on bass, Ben Castle on clarinet, John Hoare on trumpet, Pat Levett on drums, Dan Teper on piano, Alex Kidston on tuba and myself on ukulele, vocals and other bits, it’s a tip top treat for the eardrums. Click HERE to listen to or download tracks on the album on the Universal Music website. Or listen to it on the Audio page.

Get Clucky

After some more globe-trotting with the Ukulele Orchestra (this time to the west coast USA) I’m starting work on another library album for Universal which should be out in August this year. In between scratching my head about it all I did this version of that Daft Punk song, but included the chickens which they edited out:

Toy Smile


I’ve just finished Toy Smile a library CD version of ‘small fry’ for Warner Chappell. It’s a very jolly album, brimming with cheer, and all recorded using miniature musical instruments. It can be found HERE on the Warner Chappell website.