I’ve just finished a new album for Universal called Silver Linings. Featuring Big Joe Louis on vocals, Tom Herbert on bass, Ben Castle on clarinet, John Hoare on trumpet, Pat Levett on drums, Dan Teper on piano, Alex Kidston on tuba and myself on ukulele, vocals and other bits, it’s a tip top treat for the eardrums. Click here to listen to or download tracks on the album on theUniversal Music website. Or listen to it here.

In 2012 I wrote and produced Toy Smile for Warner Chappell, using miniature instruments. It’s a very jolly album, brimming with cheer. It can be foundhere on the Warner Chappell website.

The album pictured above, Pocket Eccentrics, is on Universal‘s Atmospherelabel. Click here to listen to or download tracks on the album on the Universal Music website.

Creative Quirky Simple 2, is on the Bruton Music label for Universal. this CD was produced with Chris Branch and Tom Haines (Brains and Hunch). It can be found here on the Universal website.

A couple of tunes of mine are on the Kooky Tunes library CD which can be found here on the Universal website.

Anyone found to use any of my library tracks qualifies for a free bottle of hot sauce.

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