Small Fry album release

I’m very pleased to say that I’ve just released my second album, small fry.

It’s a collection of my own tunes, played by a pocket orchestra. I used a menagerie of small-scale instruments for the recording of this album, from the Piccolo Trombone to the Sopranino Ukulele, so the listener is able to delight in both musical and dimensional scales. So why not put the album on your compact hi-fi, sit back in a tiny armchair, eat a mini-roll, and forget that you might want a bigger house.

You can listen to the album HERE or buy it by clicking the ‘Buy CD’ icon, which will take you to the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain webshop, or you can download it by clicking either the iTunes or Amazon logo:

And now you can download FIVE BONUS TRACKS (not included on the CD) for free by clicking this small fry:

The players on the album are:

Will Grove-White Vocals, Ukulele, Sopranino Ukulele, Harmonicas, Pocket Trumpet, Banjo, Kazoo, Noseflute, Ruler, Other Rubbish.
Pat Levett Children’s Drum Kit, Milk Bottle, Matchbox, Other Percussion, Chromatic Harmonica.
Ben Castle Piccolo Flute, Hot Fountain Pen, Clarinets, Swanee and Alto Saxophones.
Dan Teper Melodica, Bar Piano, Accordion.
John Hoare Piccolo Trombone, Pocket Trumpet.
Jonty Bankes Bass Ukulele, Whistling.
Max de Wardener Bull Fiddle.
Dylan Bates 1/16 Scale Violin, Violin, One-String Phonofiddle.
Les Bell Genetically Modified Ukulele.
Mara Carlyle Vocals.
Alex Kidston Tuba.
Chris Morphitis Baglamas.
Sid and Otis Throat Effects, Arm Farts.