Kverkie Wocals

BenDan and I have been up to more mischief for Universal Music with this collection of oddball tunes, Quirky Vocals, featuring noises that we and others have made with our oral cavities. You can tell this by looking at the cover: two of the people are opening their mouths, and the third is humming while reading the music with her binoculars.

Nice Music If You Like Smiling

Together with the amazing Ben Castle and Dan Teper I’ve recently written and produced a new Library music album for Universal Music entitled The Bizarre Bazaar.

It’s an eccentric assortment of daft and catchy tunes. Ocarinas, penny whistles, jaw-harps, ukuleles, melodicas, recorders and clarinets, accompanied by toy pianos, farfisas, accordions, mouth trumpets and actual bells and whistles all blend together to stir up a brew of tasty idiocy.

Taking Spike Jones and His City Slickers and Carl Stalling’s music from the Looney Tunes cartoons as our starting points, we jam-packed it with unusual and memorable melodies with plenty of unexpected detours thrown in along the way.

Have a listen HERE

Developing Your Creative Practice

I’ve been awarded a DYCP grant from the Arts Council to help further my musical adventures. I’m extremely grateful for this award and looking forward to learning new skills and producing interesting new work. Rock on!

Killer Turtles

Ali and I thought Adamski’s ‘Killer’ had a peculiar similarity to The Turtles’ ‘Happy Together’, so now they are. Happy together.