A Concert for Queen Elizabeth

On the 21st April I played a concert with The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain at the private 90th birthday party for Queen Elizabeth II. It was attended only by immediate members of the royal family at Windsor Castle and what a wonderfully surreal night it was! It turns out the Queen is a huge George Formby fan (she met him many years ago) and even wanted to be a Patron of the George Formby Society. To help you imagine the scene, below is a picture of a young ukuleleist who looks remarkably like a young Queen Elizabeth (borrowed from the great UkeTeeCee website).tumblr_necu66rksn1rcbnp1o1_1280

Ukulele Prodigy

My pal Ali and I have begun messing around with our ukuleles. We recently had a go at this, The Prodigy’s classic dance track, ‘Out of Space’. It seems to work well. Just missing some glow-sticks.

Out of the Ordinary

Out of OrdI’ve just finished work on a new Library Album for Warner Chappell with my old pal Max de Wardener. It sounds pretty good, I think you’ll agree. Click HERE to see the Digital Booklet and hear samples of the tracks. To hear the whole album, click the red ‘Listen’ button on page 4 of the booklet or click HERE.

I Won an Award!

CULCB6hVEAAVt8AI’m pleased to say that I just won this very heavy Library Music Award for a track I wrote. You can listen to it HERE, it’s called ‘Red Hot’ (can take a while to load – be patient!).

If you haven’t heard of the Library Music Awards, they’re a bit like the Oscars, only more prestigious.

God Only Nose

Sometimes it’s important to hear what the Beach Boys’ classic ‘God Only Knows’ sounds like played by a nose flute ensemble.