It’s Christmaaaas!

Ali and I were asked to perform at the Marie Curie Christmas Carol concert (lots of nice pictures HERE). It was a lovely evening in Southwark Cathedral and we serenaded them with versions of Last Christmas and Merry Xmas. I even crow-barred a nose flute solo in there. Ho ho ho!

Last Christmas
Merry Xmas (with Canticum)

The Ballad of Dorothy Parker

Ali and I finally had a go at our favourite Prince tune, the wonderful Ballad of Dorothy Parker. Ali’s gone off for an adventure around the world for a bit but we’ll get some more stuff done once he gets back.

Ukulele Prodigy

My pal Ali and I have begun messing around with our ukuleles. We recently had a go at this, The Prodigy’s classic dance track, ‘Out of Space’. It seems to work well. Just missing some glow-sticks.

God Only Nose

Sometimes it’s important to hear what the Beach Boys’ classic ‘God Only Knows’ sounds like played by a nose flute ensemble.