I’ve written and produced a skinful of production music for various music libraries including Universal and Warner/Chappell and have won a Library Music Award for one of my tracks (if you haven’t heard of the Library Music Awards, they’re a bit like the Oscars, only more prestigious). My tunes have been used on some great shows such as Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s Fleabag, Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee and Larry David’s Curb Your Enthusiasm.


To listen to all my Universal tracks on one page just click HERE (and click on ‘Albums’ to view by album).

KIDS! is aptly titled because it’s music for kids. And for adults who won’t grow up. It was written by me, Ben Castle and Dan Teper and we behaved very well can we have a lollipop.

CIRCUS & FUNFAIR MUSICis a crazy Circus album written by me, Ben Castle and Dan Teper. It was great fun to make but a big relief to finally take off the red noses and long shoes, they were starting to pinch. 

HUMOROUS JAZZ includes six of my tracks (2, 4, 5, 7, 10 and 11). Universal asked for amusing jazz so I wrote them some serious jazz and they chuckled so everyone was happy.

DAYTIME ODDITIES was an album I wrote and recorded during lockdown, to keep my spirits up. Hope it does the same for you!

CHEESE PLEASE! If you enjoy classic tunes such as Let it Brie, Johnny B. Gouda or anything by The Edamned, this album is for you. Best enjoyed with Welsh Rarebit, this is written and produced by me, Ben Castle and Dan Teper.

THE BIZARRE BAZAAR is written and produced by me, Ben Castle and Dan Teper. An eccentric and life-affirming collection of bananas tunes.

QUIRKY VOCALS is another album from me, Ben and Dan, featuring an amazing assortment of virtuosic vocalists. Perfect for singing in the bath after a hard day’s quirk.

POCKET ECCENTRICS is my first Will Grove-White & The Others album, but transformed into a library album for Universal, featuring tubas, musical saws, ukuleles and much more.

SILVER LININGS features little me and the wonderful Big Joe Louis on vocals, it’s a tip top treat for the eardrums. Sixteen toe-tapping tunes.

CREATIVE QUIRKY SIMPLE 2 includes six of my tracks – Slinky Shuffle, Smile On Your Face, Oh Happy Day, Cute Little Story, Chirpy Cheer and Celestial Perfection.

GOLDEN AGE RADIO is a terrific collection of 1920s jazz-inspired tracks. I wrote four tracks – Million Dollars, Red Hot, I Can’t Stop Crying and Booze. I won a Library Music Award 2015 in the Best Jazz Track category for Red Hot.

KOOKY TUNES features two tracks of mine – Mr. Mouth Trumpet and Dreamtime.

FURRY FRIENDS is a pet-inspired album for which I wrote and produced two tunes – Snuggle Bugging and Bow Wow Bounce.


To listen to all my Warner/Chappell tracks on one page just click HERE.

TOY SMILE is a library CD version of my second Will Grove-White & The Others album, small fry. It’s a very jolly album, brimming with cheer, and all recorded using miniature musical instruments. Fifteen tracks in all.

OUT OF THE ORDINARY was written with my old pal Max de Wardener. A collection of oddball melodies. It sounds pretty good, I think you’ll agree.

UKULELE SHAKE is, you guessed it, a ukulele-themed album. Twenty ukulele-busting tunes.


SUNNY ACOUSTIC includes three of my tracks – Ding Dong, Shard and Whistles.