In 2008, I wrote and recorded my own album, Will Grove-White & The Others, with the help of some ace musicians. I went on to record a second album in 2012, called small fry. We’ve done some great gigs as well.


As well as myself on Vocals and Ukulele, The Others include the wonderful Ben Castle on Clarinet, Max de Wardener on Double Bass, Dan Teper on Melodica, Pat Levett on Cardboard Boxes, and a host of others, including the entire Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain (but not playing their Ukuleles).

Inspired by artists such as the Mills Brothers, Jim Henson, Louis Jordan, Tom Waits, and Paul Spooner, the music brings to mind the foggy night in Shepherds Bush when Louis Prima and Hoagy Carmichael sang bluegrass harmonies to Sid James. The Musical Saw solos, the virtuoso Whistling, and the thumping Tuba basslines are there to lift the listener out of what are all too often bleak and gloomy times.

You can read an interview with me about the first Will Grove-White & The Others album HERE, or if you speak French, there’s another one HERE.


Will Grove-White & The Others are:

  • Will Grove-White: Vocals, Ukulele.
  • Pat Levett: Drums, Boxes, Saucepans, Harmonica.
  • Ben Castle: Clarinet.
  • Max de Wardener: Double Bass.
  • Dan Teper: Piano, Accordian, Melodica.
  • Jonty Bankes: Bass Ukulele, Whistling.
  • John Hoare: Pocket Trumpet.
  • Dylan Bates: Violin.
  • Alex Kidston: Tuba.
  • George Hinchliffe: Ukulele.
  • Guy Bellingham: Musical Saw.
  • Ali Milne: Baritone Ukulele.
  • Peter Brooke Turner, Hester Goodman, George Hinchliffe, Kitty Lux, Dave Suich, Richie Williams and Mara Carlyle: The Unsure Choir.