I teach online one-to-one and group ukulele lessons via Zoom. Lessons can be tailored to suit complete novices as well as those who already play but want to improve. I can also help with singing, harmonies, performance and songwriting, as well as with musical arrangements for ukulele groups.

It may be you only want help with one thing that’s holding your playing back, in which case a lesson or two would suffice, or perhaps you’d like regular tuition every week? In either case, do drop me a line.

For availability please drop me an email through the contact page HERE. Rough prices for one-to-one lessons are £45 for 50 minutes or £30 for 30 minutes, but these prices are flexible to suit different circumstances. 

As well as individual teaching I run ukulele workshops for ukulele groups. I’ve recently been doing some of these via Zoom which has been great fun. Do get in touch if you’re interested.

A few things we could look at together include:

  • Basic and advanced strumming patterns
  • Simple and complex chord fingerings
  • Fingerpicking
  • The wonders of Chord Z
  • Barre chords and inversions
  • Song composition
  • Simple musical theory
  • Playing in a group
  • Understanding musical tabulature
  • Performing tips
  • Excellent ukulele trivia and chit-chat
  • Virtual cups of tea