Previously titled 'Get Plucky With The Ukulele'

Over 25,000 copies sold worldwide!

book jacket

I've written a book about the whys, the hows and the whos of the ukulele. It's probably the only book you'll ever need about the ukulele, though I say so myself. 

  • Clearly written and easy to understand
  • No knowledge of music required
  • Beautifully designed with full colour photos
  • Chords to learn and songs to strum (play along online)
  • Pull-out chord dictionary
  • Simple and advanced strumming techniques
  • Complete history of the ukulele including great players from past and present.
  • Startling ukulele revelations about Jimi Hendrix, Neil Armstrong, Elvis Presley and more...
  • [This book was originally published as 'Get Plucky With the Ukulele' so if you already have that, don't buy this, it's the same book!]


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"Just as much fun as taking a new uke out of its case, and even more informative." Philip Pullman

"Witty, informative and opinionated. I heartily recommend picking up a copy." Ukulele Hunt (Al Wood)

"As someone who seems to spend all my waking hours immersed in the ukulele, I learned much from this book. Beautifully presented and illustrated throughout… Highly recommended." Got A Ukulele (Barry Maz)

Play Along With the Book

To accompany the 'How to Play' section of the book, I've recorded some stripped-down versions of all the songs in the book so that you can play along with me. Wait for the little blue 'Play' buttons to appear below the song titles and then get strumming.

If you have any problems seeing or hearing the tracks on this page, please click HERE to go to my Soundcloud page where you can listen to and download all the tracks to your computer.

Here they are:

First Check Your Tuning!


Row Your Boat - page 108


Freres Jacques - page 109


Baby Please Don't Go - page 110


London Bridge is Falling Down - page 113


Down in the Valley - page 114


Oh My Darling Clementine - page 116


He's Got the Whole World in His Hands - page 118


Amazing Grace - page 119


Down by the Riverside - page 120


Sweet Home Chicago - page 123


When the Saints Go Marching In - page 125


Midnight Special - page 127


What Shall We Do With A Drunken Sailor? - page 130


Scarborough Fair - page 132


St James Infirmary Blues - page 134


They're Red Hot - page 139


House of the Rising Sun - page 141